12 Things Mentally Strong People Do

Mentally strong people dedicate themselves to honing their emotional intelligence, feelings, and patience as a human being. Their experiences and struggles have taught them that the most important quality to execute is the act of responsibility. This means taking responsibility for the unique person you are, as well as your positive qualities and short-comings.

Mentally strong people strive for inner approval. They have unlocked an important secret: they realize that their short-comings don’t make them less than anybody. They don’t compare their inner or exterior world to anybody’s. They celebrate their uniqueness and the success of others.

1. They don’t take everything personally. 

As cliche as it may sound others’ harsh words or opinions about you or the world have more to do about them than you. It is a revelation of their character and needs as a human being.Don’t let anybody tell you who you are. You know yourself best. You are everything you want, need, desire and everything you wish to be. You are not the definition set by another person.

2. They are not people pleasers.

Mentally strong people are not afraid to say no. They are just, fair and kind, but speak up when they are uncomfortable or stretched too thin. The rule here is to speak up when you’re inner being is suffering.

3. Failure doesn’t scare them. 

Failure is a part of life and growth. Mentally strong people never read failure as a reason to stop. They take a reasonable approach and enhance their chances for success the next time they get back up.

4. They avoid self-pity.

Feeling sorry for yourself produces nothing but negative emotions, which stifle your growth as a human being. Mentally strong people avoid feeling sorry for themselves and take responsibility for their short-comings. They are kind to themselves and understand that life is unpredictable.

5. They take responsibility for their mistakes.

Taking responsibility for your actions and the person you are inside is vital to reach your best self. Instead of blaming others or life, realize that you are not perfect. Your imperfections don’t measure your worth. Your strengths compose the person you are. You are weaved from the things you are, not the things you are not.

6. They are not afraid to be alone. 

Mentally strong people don’t fear solitude because they know that they are in good company. They have silenced their demons, and have learned to enjoy their own company. They accept their flaws and merely try to work on them a little every day.

7. They don’t bury their emotions.

A misconception many people believe is that mentally strong people behave tough or that little bothers them. This is far from true. Mentally strong people speak up for themselves. Act according to your beliefs and what makes you happy. Mentally strong people show that vulnerability is strength. They don’t put on a performance for anybody.

8. They avoid jealousy. 

Mentally strong people celebrate the success and good fortune of others. They recognize that success is obtained through hard work. Most importantly, they are willing to meet their goals with hard work, too.

9. They love themselves.

The best way to love yourself is to focus on the positive. Mentally strong people are as comfortable as they can be with their flaws. Again, they realize that their strengths drive them further in life than focusing on what they may lack. You must be honest with yourself. You don’t have to love your flaws, but you do have to acknowledge them and take responsibility.

10. They are patient. 

They make no demands from life. They make it their goal to be efficient and manage their time well. Real change is a process. There are no shortcuts, you must do the hard work.

11. They know when to move on. 

Mentally strong people realize that is extremely unhealthy to dwell on the past. Reliving your negative experiences everyday or flooding your mind with nostalgia will impede you from enjoy your present and future life. Instead, acknowledge your accomplishes and past mistakes. Learn from them and plan a better future.

12. They practice kindness.

Mentally strong people are kind to themselves and others. They don’t beat themselves up for their mistakes. They have fully accepted their flaws and realize that the only thing to do is become a better person. Instead they work on making better choices and fulfilling their life, this is how they practice kindness. In return, they are kind to others and offer help, as well as ask for help.

Remember a mentally strong person is responsible for their actions and intentions. To become mentally strong you must always be honest with you about your feelings, accomplishes and short-comings. If you made a mistake, don’t beat yourself up. You can work on it. Learn from it. Treat the world the way you would like to be treated. Learn to empathize with others and yourself. 

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