Alice Cooper Just Found an Incredibly Valuable Warhol Silkscreen

Back in the ’70s, before Andy Warhol was a huge star, Alice Cooper received a silkscreen by the artist as a birthday gift from his then-girlfriend Cindy Lang. Cooper and Warhol were friends and shared a peculiar interest in electric chairs. That’s why Lang went ahead and gifted him a Warhol entitled “Little Electric Chair.” For the last 40 years, the silkscreen has sat in tube in storage with old touring equipment. After Cooper’s longtime manager discovered that other pieces in the series were fetching millions (up to $11.6 million, to be precise), he urged the rockstar to find it. Well, he just did. What once cost Lang $2,500 may now be worth an incredible amount more. Exactly how much it’s worth and whether Cooper has any desire to sell it remains to be seen. Still, it’s always exciting to see a valuable piece of art unearthed after all these years.

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