Apple Wants to Revolutionize the Fitness Industry With GymKit

Unveiled at this summer’s WWDC, Apple’s venture into the fitness industry is a data sharing platform called GymKit that uses NFC and Bluetooth to connect with your Apple Watch.

Once connected, your Apple Watch and the GymKit-enabled device at your gym track different kinds of information. The Apple Watch is better at tracking heart rate and calories, while the equipment may be better at tracking distance and incline.

All of that data is tracked in real-time and displayed on the watch and the machine’s display, before being aggregated in Apple’s Health app.

This new level of connectivity gives you a more accurate picture of your workout. The GymKit is also a push by Apple to modernize the fitness industry, as a lot of gyms still stock equipment that is incompatible with the newest smartphones and fitness wearables.

Gyms in Australia and the U.K. have already received GymKit enabled machines, while a stateside rollout is slowly but surely in progress.

For more information on how GymKit works, head over to TechCrunch.

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