So these Bose Sleepbuds might not actually stop you or anyone you know from snoring but they do promise to cancel the noise around you when you’re asleep – this includes snoring and dogs barking.

Bose acquired Hush, a company that had previously developed smart noise-cancelling earbuds, and hopes to relaunch the noise-masking buds using a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

The redesigned Sleepbuds work by masking noise with soothing sounds that facilitate sleep, are wireless and come with a case that is good for one complete recharge to last you through the night.

If you’re worried you’ll miss your alarm in the morning with these in your ears – don’t be. The sleep buds work with any alarm you set in the Bose sleep app.

The crowdfunding campaign has been a success so far with all price tiers sold out with 14 days left and almost $500,000 raised from only a few thousand backers. The Bose Sleepbuds will begin to ship out in February 2018.

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