Never-Before-Seen Art By Kurt Cobain

The Seattle Art Fair has officially kicked off this Thursday. Premier talent and literary agency UTA has opened a booth for the festival featuring an eclectic array of artwork on display including two never-before-seen paintings by the late Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain. [..]

Alice Cooper Just Found an Incredibly Valuable Warhol Silkscreen

Back in the ’70s, before Andy Warhol was a huge star, Alice Cooper received a silkscreen by the artist as a birthday gift from his then-girlfriend Cindy Lang. [..]

Jomar Machado’s Apocalyptic Vehicles

If Mad Max had taken place on a distant galaxy rather than in the nuclear wastelands of planet earth – we’re pretty positive that the cars would look something like Jomar Machado’s Apocalyptic Vehicles. [..]

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