Even when you’ve gleaned the last drop of beer from a bottle, parting with that glass container that just brought you so much joy can be difficult. If you think your beer bottles deserve a longer bit of respect, this Industrial Beer Bottle Lamp is a great way to honor their sacrifice.


Macabre Conceptual Portrait Series by Photographer Bernd Preiml

Austrian photographer Bernd Preiml creates highly conceptual photo series. His work is perfectly styled: from the set dressing to the costumes and make-up, all elements help in giving the sets their unique character.


Old Hubcaps Recycled Into Stunning Animal Sculptures

For over twelve years now, Brighton, UK-based artist Ptolemy Elrington has been morphing discarded hubcaps into amazing animal sculptures. Within his work he concentrates on creating sculpture of natural forms from found and re-cycled materials.


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