Tonight The Blood Moon Rises… Don’t Miss It

The Blood Moon is almost upon us. It is when there will be a total lunar eclipse, where the earths shadow will turn the Moon a blood red color. The Blood Moon will be visible worldwide. [..]

Complete the Circle of Hipster Douchedom… Dye Your Beard a Candy Color

It’s no secret that beards are in. As far as the eye framed in Warby Parker glasses can see, from Brooklyn to Berlin, young men are flaunting a look that’s been breathlessly described as “lumbersexual” or, less often, “hobotacular.” [..]

Why Men With Beards Make Better Boyfriends, Because Why Would You Argue With Science?

One woman’s love of bearded men lead to this research…

I didn’t even know I thought beards are more attractive until my boyfriend shaved his facial hair for Halloween. He looked so different, I felt I was cheating on him with his clean-shaven twin.


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