Dubai Is Building Beautiful Underwater Homes with Exceptional Aquatic Views

In the last few years, underwater hotels have taken the travel industry by storm. Offering spectacular views of life below the surface, these under-the-sea abodes are a lavish and luxurious way to get away from it all. But what if instead of simply staying in one of these lodgings, you could live in one? While this futuristic concept may seem far-fetched, The Heart of Europe is making it a reality with its new underwater homes.

In 2018, 40 glass-walled villas created by architects JK Bauen Building ContractingWuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group Co. Ltd, and Sino Great Wall International Engineering Co. Ltd will pop up along the coast of Dubai. As part of the Heart of Europe Holiday Resort, each 4,000-square-foot “Floating Seahorse” home will feature three floors. Two of these floors will be situated above the water’s surface, offering sweeping views of the ocean from its sunlit rooms and beautiful decks—complete with lounge chairs, dining areas, and even a hot tub.

While these unbelievable upper tiers are stunning, it is the villa’s lowest level that makes us want to pack our bags. Submerged underwater, this floor features walls made entirely out of glass, offering inhabitants a rare view of the surrounding sea life—all from the comfort of their bed or bath.

On top of offering luxurious features and calming and captivating vistas, each underwater house also boasts a green approach to energy. A unique form of insulation will conserve 70% of electricity output, making these underwater homes even more enticing—if you have $2.57 million to spare, that is!

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