Eating “Delicious” Pizza Triggers Opioids in Your Brain

New research has found that eating pizza triggers opioids in your brain, but they’re not the same ones present in heroin or other similar drugs. Instead, these are naturally-occurring opioids that have been found to be released when listening to music, having sex and eating food.

The study, published in The Journal of Neuroscience, found that eating in general triggers a “significant” release of opioids.

For the study, researchers tested participants after an overnight fast, after drinking a tasteless nutritional drink and after eating “delicious” pizza. According to the report, “eating a delicious pizza led to significant increase of pleasant feelings,” but surprisingly the nutritional drink actually released more opioids than the pizza.

Opioids are thought to be linked to obesity and other food disorders, so the fact that non-“delicious” food can trigger more opioids than seemingly addictive food is a surprise to scientists.

According to one of the study’s researchers, Jetro Tuulari, “This creates a basis for future research and hopefully we will find ways to study and describe the development and predictors of addiction, obesity, and eating disorders.”

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