How Can You Make a Cigar Even Manlier?

How can you make a cigar even manlier? Puff on it while bear-hugging a bear. Or, if no bears are around, store your stogy in what appears to be an oversized polished six bullet Colt cylinder; a safer, but no less cooler option.

The Themis Cigar Holder is precision engineered and CNC milled body from 7075 aluminum. It’s the same material used to manufacture M16 rifles for the U.S. military, so yeah, it’s probably good enough for your Cuban imports. Sparing no expense, the cigar pods – like mini-humidors here – are CNC machined from titanium. The rotating cylinder glides on internal bearings and features “a unique revolver sound.” The Themis holds up to 6 cigars and is being limited to just 77 pieces at $9,500 each.

Themis-Cigar-Holder-1 Themis-Cigar-Holder-2

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