The first trailer for Deadpool 2 gave us Deadpool as Bob Ross with snippets of actual footage from the movie saved for its tail-end. The newest teaser, however, has the Merc With a Mouth “learning Portuguese” and offering to tattoo your body. According to Ryan Reynolds, fans who attend Brazil’s Comic-Con will be able to get free Deadpool-themed tattoos.

“Ah, Brazil — The beautiful, sun-kissed home of Pele, hairless genitalia, and the world’s largest Jared Leto statue,” Deadpool says in a comfy seat. He then goes on to say how he’s learned the country’s language with the help of Google Translate and telenovelas. “That’s right, this sexy red-spandex ass taught himself Portuguese. Alright, well, hopefully, I get the accent right. Well, here it goes,” he declares before a female voiceover takes over, revealing the four options fans will have for tattoos. Watch the video above and check the official site for more info.

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