Shredding A Pic Of Your Ex Will Get You Free Hooters Wings This Valentine’s Day

If you’re not particularly enthusiastic about Valentine’s Day this year, don’t worry, Hooters is swooping in to save the day.

Instead of resigning yourself to the couch or wearing black in protest, you can bring in a photo of your ex and have a Hooter’s girl shred it for 10 free boneless wings with the purchase of 10 wings.

That’s right. Shred a picture of your ex at Hooter’s and get some free grub.

If you don’t want to bring in a photo, or don’t have one lying around, there’s another way to take advantage of the deal.

Customers can visit the Hooters website and take a short quiz about the former relationship. Then, they’ll be asked to upload and shred the photo online.

In exchange, Hooters will email a coupon for the 10 boneless wings.

The offer is valid for dine-in and only on Valentine’s Day. It can’t be combined with other offers or discounts, the company says.

So come alone or grab some other anti-Vday friends and “shred your ex.”

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